17 Feb 2012

With hundreds of brand new condominium suites up for grabs in Yorkville, developers are banking on people such as the Zemelmans to snap them up; the purchases will afford them an exciting entry into Toronto’s growth.

1 May 2011

“Yorkvillism” is defined as the state of mind enjoyed by those who live in and frequent Toronto’s legendary Yorkville neighbourhood. This state is characterized by a discriminating passion for the very best in culture, cuisine, couture, architecture and décor — everything that makes living well a modern art form. Yorkvillism is a state of existence that can best be experienced by living at The Yorkville.

25 Mar 2011

Decorative light, often in the form of ornate chandeliers and pendants, is like the jewellery on an outfit. At The Yorkville, we did a fixture over the kitchen island that’s really more of a modern sculpture that just happens to be electrified” -Melandro Quiltan, principal of Tomas Pearce.

17 Mar 2011

Arthur Mola is a fourth-year photography student who was selected as the lead photographer for a new condo development in Yorkville.
Kim Hession sits down with the accomplished 21-year-old to find out more about the project and the photographer behind the lens.

11 Mar 2011

The phone call was a surprise.

Would I be willing, the representative from Lifetime Developments asked, along with another member of the Toronto Star’s editorial team, like to become involved in a co-op program with Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts, Montana Steele Advertising and Lifetime, where students would submit their portfolios for a chance to be the lead photographer in a marketing campaign for The Yorkville Condominiums?

10 Mar 2011

“It’s really about the attitude of the people who live in that neighbourhood, what they expect from living there and what they enjoy,” says Brian Brown, Vice President of Lifetime Developments.

That attitude encompasses a passion for culture, cuisine, couture, architecture and decor. Because of the Yorkville Condominiums’ proximity to “the best restaurants, top chefs and high-end shopping,” Brown anticipates there will be demand to live there.