Finding Joy in Live Music: A Celebration of Human Connection

As we all know, the world is upside down at the moment and everything feels increasingly disjointed. Pausing to find gratitude and beauty becomes an act of rebellion and sometimes guilt ridden. This blog is a testament to the arts, culture, and the fleeting moments that lift our spirits and underscore our shared experiences. Recently, my faith in humanity has been rejuvenated through the transcendent power of live music.

Crafting Change Through Creativity: The Story Behind The Residences at the CN Tower

In the vibrant heart of Toronto, a city renowned for its dynamic real estate market and iconic skyline, our team at Gladstone Media recently undertook a campaign that blurred the lines between reality and satire, while casting a spotlight on a critical urban issue: the Toronto housing crisis. “290 Bremner BLVD – The residences of the CN Tower ,” initially conceived as an April Fools’ prank, evolved into a compelling narrative to foster dialogue on the availability of quality, affordable housing in our beloved city.

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